Part-Time Detach and Reset Crew

Fort Collins, CO

You've probably gathered by now that Sandbox Solar isn't the conventional solar company. Conventional solar companies may not advertise on Handshake! Sandbox Solar as a name sounds fun because we are! We're all about the great outdoors - getting out in it, recreating in it, and working in it.

We've created a part-time position that could work for those in college who may be interested in learning more about jobs in green energy. "Detach and Reset" is our industry's way of describing the vital function that solar companies perform when roofs sustain hail damage. For the most part, solar panels are far more resilient than the roof underneath them. But when the roof gets damaged, the solar panels have to be removed so that the roof can be replaced. And then, once the roof is all good, the solar panels go back on. We're forming a new part-time crew to focus on that.

We're not expecting experience in solar, though that would be sweet. We're not expecting experience in construction or roofing, though that would be helpful. You would need to be available during the days and hours that the team works, which is currently on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Here's what else you'd need:

  • The ability and desire to represent Sandbox Solar with the professionalism and customer service we’re known for;
  • The fastidiousness necessary to leave work sites at least as good as we found them;
  • A clean driving record and the ability to drive Sandbox vehicles when needed;
  • A consistent and strong work ethic and desire to be part of a hard-working team; and
  • The ability to climb ladders, work on heights (typically on pitched roofs), work on your feet, use a variety of hand tools, and lift, pull, and push 50 pounds repeatedly throughout the day.

Sounds good, right? Here are the deal-breakers:

  • An unwillingness to take responsibility for tasks or accountability for mistakes;
  • A fear of heights;
  • Complaining about having to work outside in all types of Colorado weather…weird as that can be;
  • The inability to easily get along with a team of people working on a roof as well as the people living underneath it

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