Intern, Blog & Social Media Content

Fort Collins, CO

This internship will help promote the value and brand of Sandbox Solar throughout the community, state, and country through design, marketing, and advertising. We created this role in conjunction with She's In Power--a Fort Collins-based Not For Profit. She's In Power exists to advance women in clean energy in Northern Colorado, sparking the future female clean energy leaders to build a smarter world, cleaner tomorrow, and stronger economy. You can find out more about them at

Meanwhile, check out to see what we've been up to. Our website will give you an idea of how seriously we take marketing. You'll find some of our blogs there. And you can find us on Social Media where you'll get an idea of how seriously we take our online presence. The successful Intern candidate will be joining a team that's already doing an excellent job in all of these areas. This is not a role that some interns find themselves in, where they're not paid enough to create what should have already been in place.


This position should build and maintain the company’s online presence and community outreach. Sandbox Solar’s goal is to be nationally recognized for our commitment to our mission, vision, and core values.


● Capture content through video, and photography and edit to match brand standards while focusing on portraying Sandbox Solar’s mission, vision, and values.

● This position will work with the marketing team to create unique content for all outward facing social media including the following requirements:

○ Two blogs per month

○ One Mailchimp newsletter per month

○ 8-10 Posts on social media per month: Facebook, Instagram, Nextdoor, LinkedIn

○ Work with marketing team and website designer to create website content

● Develop presentations, prepare submittals, build reports, marketing materials and more to support the goals of the company and daily operations.